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Regardless Veterinarians Concerns We must Neutered or Spayed any Puppy. Complying with NYC Health Dept. Regulations.
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Vanity Pups stablishied 14 years ago

How we started

Roxy Ginger
Roxy And Ginger
From our home (modest basement) in Ozone Park NYC my wife and I had the goal to create our own line to present and offer high cuality puppies to the expecting families. Wasn't easy, we save not effort to conquer our goal, I beging Breeding American Staffordshire, Roxy & Ginger where my first to dams they where so great and gentile dogs, them after my wife come to my life she loves small Terriers, she had a Chiqui beatiful Yorkshire Terrier whose became our presentation to the public and we breed her only 5 times in 7 years. My whife wants cuality only.

Our Dream

Wanted to have a small puppy boutique store and sell accessories for the small doggies, So I registereed a corporation Happy Puppy Kennels and open a parnetship with my whife and Brian, we open our first store Metro Puppy, 2002 my wifes dream became close, this was a small place with just small area to decorate and exibit our ideas, this was a beginners experince. Still my wife and I want some better area to open our Boutiqu. Finally Nov 2005 we moved move to one of the most exclusive neihgborg in Queens NY- Bayside - great area to fullfil our expectations. My wife insist to use a DBA name that she registered "Vanity Pups" Name that can be used to represent a different kind of store to offer puppies to the public, Our Name Vanity meaning = "pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements" Pups meaning = "only good cuality pups" and accessories that fit the grat population of small dogs, no found in a large stores or pet shops.

Our Experience

20 years ago I started as a kennel boy in one of the most popular puppy store in Queens at that time, working hard learning how to clean,medicated, exersice, and feed all puppies in few months was promoted as sales associate, and worked for them for 6 years, Also I met my wife there, One day a pet's store owner called me and offer me to work for him, they have a lot expirence as a pets when i learn more about other pets as exotic animals (most of the o longer allow to sell in NYC) I learn about many regulations taht applied to all public to have a pet, also we learn how to take care of tine puppies whose became hypoglycemic without expensive veterinarian feees, most they need a lot of patience, dedication and love, Our page of Puppy Care has tips for the more commun problems that puppy's owner may found.Proud to have one of the best rating comments from our customers same as inspectors whose control the Pet Business.