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Welcome! to one of the best puppy's nursery
38-13 bell Blvd. Bayside, NY 11361

Bichon Frise are adorable when they have a long hair, but is also one of the most difficult hair to care in home

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Vanity Pups Boutique

Grooming Hours

Tuesday to Sunday from
10am to 6pm

Monday: by Appointment only


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We are responsable business, controled by NYC Health Department Code. To Groom Your Doggie whiting the NYC limits we are obligated to ask you for your babies health immunization records.

1. Rabies Vaccine

2. Bordatella Vaccine

3. Distemper
failed to do so. your baby is in a high risk!

Protect Your baby.!

Groom, Grooming a Bichon Frise

No all breeds need the same grooming care: Bichon, Poodles, and their mix as bichonPoo, CockaPoo,.... They need an extra time combed to untangle they hair, as soon they got wet they also got tangled. Brush is not the proper tool for this task you need a comb no to big, and pass the comb every day for just two minutes around the body special in rear legs and neck if use a harness. Doing so once you bring the dog to the groomer, the can perform any trim you decide, else bold is the best choice if dogguie is to tangle.